Contact tracing software that local communities can trust

GeoTimeline is open source contact tracing software built by an international team of volunteers.

Try A Demo See how a contact tracing worker can enter timelines on a map interface.
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Easy to integrate into locally organized contract tracing programs.

Get up and running right away with software that you can transparently see how it works.

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Fits naturally into any contact tracing discussion.

By clicking on exact points on a map and assigning date and time it is easy to quickly add multiple precise points in time and location.

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Give your community confidence in your contact tracing program.

By being able to view the underlying code in open source and to transparently check that data is being shared anonymously the community can self-verify that their information is being protected.

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Show value to your community through preventative applications

By being able to use applications such as point to point directions that avoid contact area on your web application they see the value of the contact tracing data being collected and will encourage others to participate.

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As easy as pointing and clicking on a map and picking a date and time.

Your contact tracing workers will love how easy it is to quickly record contact tracing in the natural flow of a conversation.

  • Point and click on a map on any device.
  • Secure data entry only to your team.
  • Record key geotimeline date while preserving end user privacy.
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Show value to the community by letting them check themselves against an anonyous data set, controlled by you.

Your community will be motivated to interact with you and encourage others to do so.

  • Non confirmed cases can check their geotimelines against your data anonymously.
  • Your community can get directions that avoid contact areas.
  • All end user services preserve privacy and anonymity completely.
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Help your community mitigate the risks of reopening its economy and rebuilding lives.

By making your data available in a private and anonymous way you will enable application developers to build risk mitigation planning applications.

  • Anonymized geotimelines are made available through API and/or through blockchain.
  • No personally identifiable information is stored in any open system.
  • Making this data available harnesses more resources and gives the local community confidence and trust in reopening efforts.
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People around the world are pushing back on opaque systems controlled by people far away.

“We have spoken with engineers and executives at a number of the largest US companies that hold location data on Americans' movements and locations and generally they have told us that their data is not suitable for determining who was in contact with whom for purposes of Covid-19. "
American Civil Liberties Union
“Rather than focusing on a contact tracing app, Ross Anderson recommends pouring resources into hiring human workers to serve as paid contact tracers who monitor the spread of the virus — a measure that's showing early signs of success in Taiwan and Germany. "
Business Insider
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“Contact tracing is an old public health approach used particularly for TB and selected STDs, to identify individuals who may have been exposed and who may be incubating the infection and require treatment. As practiced in the past, it is labor intensive and requires substantial training of the those acting as contact tracers. "
Arthur Reingold, MD, Professor of Epidemiology, UC Berkeley
“There are absolutely privacy concerns – you’re dealing with both people’s health information, and also data on where they’ve been and who they’ve seen. In order to do contact tracing properly, you have to know a lot about where someone was and who they were with at the time, and doing that on a massive, automated scale is absolutely a situation where a breach of privacy could very seriously impact the people you are trying to help. "
Eric Lofgren MSPH, PhD, Assistant Professor, WSU

GeoTimeline gives local community organizations the power to provide contact tracing people can trust

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Easy to use data input

Point and click on a map

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Quick to set-up

Just a few clicks

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Open source

Inspect the code

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Backed by international team

See the contributors on Github

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Consulting services available

Get dedicated and prompt support

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Actively developed

See updated commits on Github

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Responsive team

On Slack or by phone or email

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Open to suggestions

Create your issues on Github

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